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/ APPROVED BY Π / The Chairman of the Tender Committee of PJSC Aeroflot ( / ...

-- [ 2 ] --

No. Counter-agents name (INN, activity type) Agreement (details, subject, price, validity period and other material terms and conditions) No. Information about the counter-agents owners chain, including the beneficiaries (ultimate beneficiaries)

INN OGRN Counter-agents name OKVED code Last name, name, patronymic of CEO Authority and number of the document to identify CEO Number and date Subject of the agreement Price (RUR, mln) Validity period Other material terms and conditions INN OGRN Name/ Last name, name, patronymic Location/ place or registration address Series and number of ID document (for individual) CEO/ member/ shareholder/ beneficiary/ details about the executive body Information about the confirming documents (name, details, etc.)

1. 1.1. 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.2 1.2.1 Position, full name of the counter-agents CEO ________________

stamp heresignature/date/

Note. The table shall contain the detailed information about the counter-agents owners chain (founders/ shareholders; in respect to founders/ shareholders, which are legal entities, the details on their founders, etc.), including the ultimate beneficiaries:

1.1, 1.2 owners of the counter-agent under the agreement (first level owners);

1.1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, etc. owners of 1.1 entity (second level owners)

and further according to the similar chart up to the ultimate beneficiary (


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TEL: +7 (495) 753 89 83



Item Part No. Description Qty Unit

Price Total

Price Cur. A/C LT

1 Total :

Authorized by:

Name: Position: Signature:



Appendix 1.1

AOG ( ), CRIT (), ROUTINE () 2017 / Preliminary Qualification Purchasing Documentation of AOG (Aircraft On Ground), CRIT (critical), ROUTINE (routine) Spare Part and Materials Suppliers for Russian and Foreign Made Aircraft for 2017

Standard Quality review for Suppliers Approval

EASA.145.0392. Form OA002-05 Rev. Date April, 2014. Doc No.:________

In order for your organization to be placed on our List of Approved Suppliers, it is necessary that the person responsible for quality in your organization fill out this. Answers should reflect your current status.

Please include any certificates attesting to the quality system in use.

Distributors, please also attach letters of authorization and copies of manufacturers certificates.

Company Name Doing Business As Address City State/Region Country Telephone E-mail Website Name for Quality Contact Telephone E-mail Are you Airline? Repair station? Manufacturer? Distributor? Supplier? Processor? Metrology Agency? Other? (Please specify)

If you are an approved Distributor of any manufacturer, please name it.

As an Authorized Official of my company I certify this form is complete and accurate

Name Signature

Position held Date (day-month-year)

1. How long have you been in this business as presently organized? 2. If you are a division or subsidiary, please list name and address of parent organization.

3. Total number of employees in Quality 4. What is your main product/service? 5. List main customers for whom you have supplied work in the past 2 (two) years.

6. Are you certified to a related standard by an accredited certification body? 7. According to which standards has your Quality System been approved? (Please provide the copies of certificates)

Quality Standard Approval Reference Date of Issue Date of Expiry

ISO 9001 ASA-100/FAA AC-00-56A Other (please, specify) Quality Management System

1 Quality System and Manual Yes No N/A

1.1 Is your Quality System documented? implemented? maintained? 1.2 Is a Quality Manual established in accordance with the applicable International standard? 1.3 Is Quality Manual available to appropriate personnel? 1.4 Is a current copy of your Quality Manual available to AEROFLOT upon request? 1.5 Is the quality system documentation kept current and readily available to employees, customers, auditors or designee(s)? 1.6 Does the quality system include a program by which the

accreditation organization is notified of any significant changes

to the quality system and that a written approval is receive for

the changes prior to implementation? 1.7 Does the quality control manual include a detailed description

of: 1.7.1 the organization and relationship of the QC department to the

rest of the organization? 1.7.2 the assignment of personnel by title, for specific functions

within the quality system? 1.7.3 the revision control system for the quality system

documentation? 1.7.4 record keeping system? 1.7.5 training requirements and records? 1.7.6 shelf life control system? 1.7.7 control of incoming discrepant parts and supplies? 1.7.8 receiving inspection procedures? 1.7.9 test and inspection equipment calibration program? 1.7.10 storage facilities and specifications? 1.7.11 part identification system? 1.7.12 environmental controls? 1.7.13 inspection stamp control? 1.7.14 self-audit/evaluation program? 2 Quality Audit Yes No N/A

2.1 Is there an established documented self-audit/evaluation

program, which identifies who within the company is responsible

for conducting self-audits, the frequency of audits, audit

documentation and corrective action? 2.1.1 Are corrective actions appropriate and prompt? 2.2 Are you willing to let the authorities or other interested parties to do audit and surveillance of your quality program? 3 Facilities Yes No N/A

Does the storage areas provide: 3.1 adequate space and appropriate racks to prevent damage or

mishandling? 3.2 adequate security from unauthorized access? 3.3 segregation of aircraft from non-aircraft functions? 3.4 segregation of serviceable from non-serviceable parts? 3.5 Does the system have a procedure for storage of flammable, toxic or volatile materials? 3.6 Does the system have a procedure for storage and handling of materials against damage by electrostatic discharge? 3.7 Does the system have a procedure for storage and handling of materials against the corrosion? 3.8 Are the temperature and humidity in the storage areas controlled? 3.9 Is the environmental control system periodically checked and calibrated? 3.10 Are there established procedures to verify, at appropriate intervals, the condition of products in stock in order to detect deterioration? 4 Training and Authorized Personnel Yes No N/A

4.1 Are personnel who perform inspection, shipping and receiving functions properly trained? 4.2 Is inspection personnel properly authorized? 4.3 Is inspection personnel trained to identify unapproved and bogus parts? 4.4 Are both formal classroom and on-the-job training documented and maintained? 4.5 Is a roster of personnel authorized to perform inspection functions maintained? 5 Purchasing Yes No N/A

5.1 Is there established a documented procedure to ensure that purchase products conform to applicable requirements? 5.2 Does the system assure that parts conform to the customers purchase request and that the customer approves deviations in writing? 5.3 Are purchases performed only from authority approved manufacturer as applicable? 5.4 Do you purchase from sources other than original manufacturer? 5.4.1 If yes, does the system require original manufacturers certificate or approved maintenance organizations certificate? 5.4.2 Do you provide the document containing the statement from your organization that the product delivered has originated from approved/qualified sources and that storage conditions meet specification requirements? 5.5 Does the system require maintaining a list of approved sources and a quality history of each source? 5.6 Materials/parts are certified traceable to: FAA, EASA approved Airline FAA, EASA approved Repair Station FAA approved Manufacturer

(OEM, FAR Part21) FAA approved Manufacturer

Maintenance Facility OEM approved Vendor/Distributor Accepted Industry Standards

(Standard Parts only) 6 Receiving Inspection Yes No N/A

6.1 Is all incoming material held in a separate area or shelf until accepted by receiving inspection? 6.2 Is there segregated shelf for rejected items? 6.3 Does the inspection program include: Yes No N/A

6.3.1 Inspection if the package for transportation damage? 6.3.2 Inspection of the material for transportation damage? 6.3.3 Check of the compliance with the purchase order in regards to quality and quantity? 6.3.4 Verification of part number, model number, etc. to match the documentation? 6.3.5 Visual inspection for surface treatment, corrosion etc.? 6.3.6 Check of appropriate markings in the product? 6.3.7 Check of material certification, other applicable certificates, certificate of origin as may be required? 6.3.8 Check of certification matching in accordance with specification (or ordered work)? 6.3.9 Does the system include an inspection program for new standard parts? 7 Material Control Yes No N/A

7.1 Is material handled in an appropriate manner and protected from damage and deterioration? 7.2 Is the storage area periodically checked for overall effectiveness? 7.3 Is batch/lot control maintained for parts so identified by the manufacturer? 7.4 Whenever practical, is material stored and delivered in the manufacturers original packaging? 7.5 Does the system require the packaging to identify the manufacturer, distributor, serial number, etc.? 7.6 Does the system assure that no part number ambiguity exists? 7.7 Does the system require segregation of nonconforming material from usable stock? 7.8 Is there a documented procedure in place to mutilate scrapped parts? 7.9 Does the system require records and documentation to be kept on all serialized scrapped parts? 8 Shipping Yes No N/A

8.1 Do the shipping instructions require an inspection to ensure that the product conforms to the purchase order and that applicable document and certificates are attached? 8.2 Are the packages in accordance with ATA requirements for packing as applicable? 8.3 Does the system require supplying the original manufacturers certificate to the customer? 8.4 Shall the copy of original manufacturers certificate be sent to the customer in case the customer purchases only a part of the certified batch/lot? 9 Record System Yes No N/A

9.1 Does the record system require retention for at least 3 years from the date of sale to the customer? 9.2 Does the system provide product traceability (batch/lot and serial number) to original manufacturer and/or maintenance organization for at least 3 years? 9.3 Are records readily available and identifiable to each customer; each purchase? 9.4 Does the quality system include a system governing the storage, distribution and retrieval of documents confirming the physical and chemical properties of fasteners and raw material? 9.5 Are records confirming fastener integrity required to be maintained for 3 years? 9.6 Does the system require all life-limited part to have records confirming life limited status? 9.7 Are records protected against damage, alternation, deterioration and loss? 10 Technical Data Control Yes No N/A

10.1 Does the quality system provide maintaining technical data in a manner, which ensures such data is up-to-date and accessible?

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