«Tracing the Disaster Расследование несчастный случай; авария Matt. 26:73-75 ILL. They began well. Men that I’ve known that left the ministry. How are you going to end? ...»

Tracing the Disaster

Расследование несчастный случай; авария

Matt. 26:73-75

ILL. They began well. Men that I’ve known that left the ministry.

How are you going to end?

Сражайся добрым сражением веры, ухватись за вечную жизнь, к которой ты и призван, и исповедал доброе исповедание перед многими свидетелями.

Сражением добрым я сражался, дистанцию свою завершил, веру сохранил:

ILL. Brother is a pilot.

Manuals руководство; справочник, of safety: trace evidence to find what cause of airplane accidents.

ILL. Flight (рейс) 191 the jet engine (реактивный двигатель) came off. They found out because of a slight crack in the part that held that jet engine. As a result over 200 people were killed.

Peter was a better man because he saw his own weakness and wept bitterly. He got right and God greatly used him.

But we ought to know HOW did these tragedies happen.

v. 75 He was told of the Lord that he would fall.

Peter lost his integrity.

ILL. Job was tempted to give up his integrity

Job 2:9 Тогда сказала ему жена его, Ты все еще сохраняешь целостность твою? прокляни Бога, и умри.

Prov. 19:1 Лучше бедный, который ходит в своей целостности, чем тот, кто извращен устами своими, и глупец.

Prov. 20:7 Праведный человек ходит в своей целостности: благословенны дети его после него.

The Lord knew of something in Peter’s character that he would fall.

Peter rather quickly lost his integrity despite all that he said he would do with the Lord.

They just sang together a hymn (v. 30)

We often find ourselves in situations like Peter where we could have done better.

ILL. Somebody said, “Peter always entered into a room mouth first.” But the Lord loved him in spite of all that.

v. 74 he began to curse Тогда он начал ругаться и клясться,

Before Peter lost his integrity –

But before he lost his integrity –

I. HE LOST HIS IDENTITY идентичность, индивидуальность, личность

HYPERLINK "https://www.multitran.ru/c/m.exe?t=70144_2_1&s1=identity" тождественность

(v. 72) И он опять отрекся с клятвой, Я не знаю этого человека.

1. He forgot who he was.

ILL. We wouldn’t have known Peter outside the association with Jesus Christ.

2 Cor. 5:17 Поэтому если кто во Христе, тот новая тварь: старое прошло; вот, все стало новым.

ILL. “You are identified with “that” group?”

Trying to live with a bunch of unsaved people, and going back and participating with worldlings, especially if they know that we are Baptist, Bible believing, dispensationalists, and we’ve got a purified text in our hands.

Oh what a difference when Jesus passed by. Oh what a day, when I got saved. Praise God.

What a wonder it is when Jesus came by and rescued me from a life of sin, self, and Satan!

May God help us NEVER to forget that we’re saved. Jesus SAVED US from a horrible pit.

Psa. 40:1-3

ILL. There may be many things that you’ve regretted before you were saved and even after you’ve saved but GETTING SAVED is not one of them.

Peter lost his identity. He forgot who he was.

ILL. Teens forget who they are.

ILL. Boys painting their nails.

ILL. Queers want to be identified as good citizens. That is the last stage of degredation.

ILL. A couple of saved Gypsies talked with me yesterday about music. They were a bit surprised that I identified myself with Classical music of Bach, Handel, etc.

Я не хочу отождествлять себя с этой группой.

ILL. How you are identified.

By the music you listen to.

By your fellowship.

By what Books you read.

By what Bible you’re reading.

ILL. A Christian man said, “Sometimes it’s better not to tell people you are a Christian.”

ILL. Dr. Ruckman on visitation said, “If I can’t come in with Jesus I’m not coming in.”

If you have to give up your identity of Jesus Christ you are most likely somewhere where you ought not to be, doing something you shouldn’t be doing, fellowshipping with those you shouldn’t be.

Before He Lost His Identity –

II. HE LOST HIS INTENSITY (v. 58) интенсивность

Но Петр следовал за ним издали

ILL. 58 year old man got saved. Wanted a week later make a visit with the Pastor.

A backslidden member

“Tom, I’m the vice-president of the company and ….he began to curse.

Later, he said, “Pastor I blew it.”

ILL. A new convert standing in line to buy coffee opened up on a Muslim.

“Do you know why you’ve got the wrong god? Your songs.” Then he began to sing. “Oh how I love Jesus…”

ILL. When I got saved I went down every street around my house and went from door to door and witness to all of them.

ILL. Mk. 5:18, 19 тот, кто был одержим дьяволом, молил его, чтобы быть с ним.

Иди домой к своим друзьям, и расскажи им, какие великие дела Господь сделал для тебя, и сжалился над тобой.

Before He Lost His Intensity –

III. HE LOST HIS INTIMACY тесная связь, close fellowship (vss. 40, 41)

1. 3 times he found them asleep.

2. Out of the 3 – Peter, James and John (vss. 36, 37) the Lord calls out “Peter” (v. 40).

i. The Lord, for some reason was calling out Peter before any other.

ii. It was Peter that started that (v. 35).

He knew his disciples really well. He knew who He would have to deal with.

ILL. Parents know their children.

ILL. Jacob could call all of the different characters of his sons.

APPLICATION: The necessity to set aside to spend quality time with the Lord.

We are so prone to wander. странствовать, скитаться in our thoughts.

APPLICATION: When is the last time you simply just turned everything off and thought on the Lord.

Before He Lost His Intimacy –

IV. HE LOST HIS INSUFFICIENCY (v. 33) недостаточность

1. Peter forgot how insufficient he is. Он не чувствовал, что неспособен был чтобы стоять.

ILL. Samson didn’t know that his strength had left

Judg. 16:20 И сказала она, Филистимляне на тебе, Самсон. И пробудился он от сна своего, и сказал, Выйду, как в другие разы до этого, и отряхнусь. И не знал он, что ГОСПОДЬ отступил от него.

Nugget – The Septuaginta writes “Dalida.” LXX was written 155 years after the completion of the New Testament.

Nugget – “The Septuaginta is the most ancient translation of the Old Testament and consequently is invaluable to critics for understanding and CORRECTING the Masoretic Text.”

«Септуагинт - это самый древний перевод Ветхого Завета и, следовательно, бесценен для критиков для понимания и исправления Масоретского текста».

The Masoretic Text has “Delilah.” That’s how it is in the AV. That’s how it is in the Russian AV.

ILL. Paul Cf. 2 Cor. 3:5

2. Do not EVER think that you can make it without the word of God and daily prayer.

ILL. A former member thought he could do without fellowship in his local church; without prayer, without reading his Bible on a daily basis. He ended up in the hospital.

ILL. “Promise Keepers” “I’m going to stand for the Lord.”

“You ought to do this or that.” They don’t show up.

3. What was Peter’s problem? (vss. 31, 33)

In other words, Peter was saying, “Yeah this is a pretty bad group of people but I’ve got it all worked out. I can handle it all. You can trust me.”

i. Warning – putting confidence in our experience, routines, education, philosophies, health, etc.


Isa. 66:5

2 Cor. 7:1, 2

Phil. 2:12-14

ILL. The jet engine eventually fell of and over 200 people were killed.

It was a hairline fracture (c волосная трещина) that must have started a couple years before.

That plane was doomed. был обречён на неудачу

Это была катастрофа, которая только и должна была случиться.

Are you a disaster just waiting to happen?

-Do you see your insufficiency today.

-Many Laodiceans DO NOT see their need.

-Eventually it will bring you down.

-Sadly, others also will suffer because of it.

Rev. 3:17 Потому что ты говоришь, Я богат, и разбогател, и ни в чем не имею нужды; и не знаешь, что ты несчастен, и жалок, и нищ, и слеп, и наг:

Psa. 40:1-5


Invitation “I need thee every hour.”



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