«АВТОР: Гайдарова Ирина Сегодня предлагаю Вам грамматический тест для учеников 11 класса. Тест охватывает практически все аспекты грамматики английского языка. Данный тест по ...»

АВТОР: Гайдарова Ирина

Сегодня предлагаю Вам грамматический тест для учеников 11 класса. Тест охватывает практически все аспекты грамматики английского языка. Данный тест по грамматике можно использовать как для проверки знаний, так и для повторения грамматических правил в 11 классе.

 Тест по грамматике для 11 класса состоит из 50 вопросов. В основу теста легли задания из пособия для подготовке к олимпиадам по английскому языку. В конце грамматического теста Вы найдете ответы.

 USE OF GRAMMAR for the 11th form.

Choose the right variant.1. I don’t remember... that I’m sure you’re mistaken.

a) to say;  b) say;  c) saying;  d) to have said.

2. There were two answers, and... was right.

a) neither; b) no one; c) no; d) not any.

3. This dress is... as the one I had before.

a) plenty the same; b) very similar; c) very same; d) much the same.

4. He... here from 1955 to 1960.

a) worked; b) works; c) has been working; d) has worked.

5. He’s... his sister.

a) much taller that; b) much more taller than; c) much taller than; d) more taller than.

6. Be careful you don’t... your keys!

a) lost; b) loosen; c) lose; d) loose.

7. What they say may be true; you never can...

a) say; b) tell; c) remember; d) recognise.

8. He didn’t move, but just... where he fell.

a) lain; b) lay; c) laid; d) lied.

9. I haven’t had a reply to the invitation I sent you last week.... to my patty?

a) Shall you come; b) Are you coming; c) Do you come; d) Should you come,

10. That man reminds me... my history teacher.

a) from; b) of; c) about; d) on.


11. The children hadn’t met... their grandparents or their uncle before.

a) or, b) neither; c) nor, d) either.

12. Before she started university, Jane... in the States for six months working as a nanny.

a) lives; b) has been living; c) has lived; d) had lived.

13. He was... tired to go on.

a) to; b) enough; c) so; d) too.

14. I... saw Michael two years ago.

a) lastly; b) last time; c) last; d) the last time.

15. I like the red dress and the pink shoes. The trouble is that they don’t...very well.

a) match not each other; b) match themselves; c) go with each other; d) go on with the other.

16. He’s as polite as his brother is...polite. (подобрать префикс)

a) im; b) non; c) dis; d) un.

17. It’s been quite a long time... I had a holiday abroad,

a) ago; b) since; c) for; d) when.

18. You... pay for this information. It’s free.

a) oughtn’t to; b) don’t have to; c) shouldn’t to; d) mustn’t.

19.... quite a lot of rain forecast for today.

a) It has; b) Is; c) It’s; d) There’s.

20. I’m free this evening.... we go out to dinner?

a) Will; b) Would; c) Shall; d) Won’t.


21. I need a holiday,... I?

a) need nоt; b) aren’t; c) don’t; d) need.

22. Most of the cattle... under the trees.

a) is laying; b) is lying; c) are lying; d) are laying.

23. Children seem to find computers easy, but many adults aren’t used to... with microtechnology.

a) work; b) working; c) a work; d) the work.

24. Parents were made... the school reconstruction,

a) finance; b) to financing; c) to finance; d) financing.

25. The children have made lots of new friends since we... to this town.

a) have moved; b) moving; c) moved; d) have been moved.

26. I don’t understand this sentence. Could you tell me what …?

a) this word means; b) means this word; c) does mean this word; d) does this word mean.

27.... of the three boys got a prize,

a) A few; b) Both; c) Each; d) Every.

28. The agency intended to let each applicant... in the interview.

a) participate; b) to participate; c) so as to participate; d) participating.

29. All the children in this family are gifted, but this one is … gifted of all.

a) little; b) the less; c) the least; d) un-.30. He enjoyed... computer games at first, but after a while he got bored with them.

a) to play; b) playing; c) make play; d) having played.


31. We haven’t managed to meet... three years.

a) since; b) for; c) after; d) last.

32. Nothing is wrong,...?

a) can it; b) is it; c) isn’t it; d) can’t be.

33. A meeting of the society will be... on Tuesday evening at 6 o’clock.

a) made; b) taken; c) held; d) placed.

34. May I apologize... being so late?

a) myself for; b) for; c) -; d) myself.

35. All the furniture in this room... antique.

a) are; b) are made of; c) have; d) is.

36.... traffic in the city center.

a) There’s always many; b) It is always heavy; c) There’s always heavy; d) It is always much.

37. You’ll find the travel agency... the end of the street.

a) by; b) in; c) on; d) at.

38. She... the piano since she was ten.

a) has been playing; b) is playing; c) has played; d) had played.

39. Doing these exercises may be good... me, but I hate every minute of it.

a) to; b) for; c) on; d) at.

40. She heard Miss Drake … that Ann was really happy.

a) tell; b) to tell; c) say; d) to say.


41. You have bought a FIAT. You... a BMW.

a) should have bought; b) would have bought; c) had better buy; d) would rather have bought.

42. Poor Jack — he lost his homework, and he... do it again,

a) needs; b) ought; c) shall; d) has to.

43. The food at the party was horrible, I’ve never eaten... awful food!

a) such a; b) such; c) such an d) so.

44. “I’m not very hungry”. — “…”

a) Neither do I; b) I am; c) So am I; d) Nor I am.

45. The... from London to Bristol takes two hours by car.

a) travel; b) journey; c) voyage; d) driving.

46. Open the window,... you?

a) must; b) need; c) will; d) do.

47. You must try not to... so many mistakes.

a) do; b) tell; c) make; d) perform.

48. Helen asked me if... the film called “Star wars”.

a) have I seen; b) have you seen; c) had I seen; d) I had seen.

49. I promise that I... to work on time every morning in future,

a) get; b) am getting; c) will get; d) would get.

50. I’m not going to tell you the reason... my decision,

a) to; b) with; c) on; d) for.

Ответы на грамматический тест по английскому языку.


1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-a; 5-c; 6-c; 7-b; 8-b; 9-b; 10-b; 11-d; 12-d; 13-d; 14-с; 15-с; 16-a; 17-b; 18-b; 19-d; 20-c; 21-c; 22-c; 23-b; 24-c; 25-c; 26 — a; 27-c; 28-a; 29-c; 30-b; 31-b; 32-b; 33-c; 34-b; 35-d; 36-c; 37-d; 38-a; 39-b; 40-c; 41-a; 42-d; 43-b; 44-b; 45-b; 46-c; 47-c; 48-d; 49-c; 50-d.

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