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Good morning, boys and girls! Im very glad to see you. How are you? What date is it today?

Where do you study? How many lessons have you got today? Do you like to speak English? What English speaking countries do you know?

P1: Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, the USA, Australia.

To find out the topic of the lesson I want you to solve a cross-word puzzle. Look at the screen.

( Crossword) Lets do the crossword!

The national animal of this country is koala.

This country is situated in the South- West of Australia.

The capital of this country is London.

It is the second largest country in the world.

This country has 50 states.

There are 5 English speaking countries but East or West home is best.

Dear friends! Look at the blackboard once again. Find the keyword. Read the key word.

P1: Russia

What is the topic of our lesson? ()

The topic of our lesson is "Russia.

T: So, today well speak about Russia.Our native country.


Dear friends! Look at the walls of our classroom. There are some posters about Sport, Belgorod, London but we have not information about our native country.

Can you help me to make a poster about Russia?

What should we do to make this poster? ( )

Find some information

Read some texts

Watch film about Russia

Prepare some picture or photos

Make a poster

Dear friends, look at the screen.

Listen to the text and answer the questions. ()

Is Russia the largest country in the world? What is the total area?

2. What is the climate in Russia?

( )

. P.204 . . .

native country

to occupy

the largest country

to border on..

to be situated..


national flag


Read the text and answer the questions.

What is the official name of Russia?

Where is Russia situated on?

How many people live in Russia?

How many nationalities live in Russia?

What countries does Russia border on?

What are the biggest rivers and likes?

What is the Capital of Russia?

Who is the Head of State?


I live in Russia. Russia is my native country. The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It occupies one seventh of the Earth's surface. It is situated both in Europe and Asia. The total area is about 17 million square kilometres. The country is washed by 12 seas and 3 oceans: the Pacific, the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans.

In the south Russia borders on China, Mongolia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. In the west it borders on Norway, Finland, the Baltic States, Belorussia, and Ukraine. It also has a sea border with the USA.There is no country in the world like Russia, with the steppes in the south, plains and forests in the midland, tundra and taiga in the north, highlands and deserts in the east.

There is a great number of rivers in Russia. The Volga, the longest in Europe river, flows into the Caspian Sea. The main Siberian rivers the Ob', the Yenisey and the Lena flow from the south to the north. The Amur in the Far East flows into the Pacific ocean. The deepest lake in the world is Baikal. The water in the lake is so clear, that you can see the stones on the bottom. Because of the vast territory there are various types of climate in the country. The climate varies greatly in different regions.

Russia is very rich in oil, coal, iron ore, natural gas, copper, nickel arid other mineral resources.

The population of our country is over 143 million of people.Russia is a multinational country. Over 100 nationalities live in Russia.

Russia is a parliamentary republic. The Head of State is the President. TheState Duma and the Council of Federation is the legislative branch of the government.

The capital of Russia is Moscow. It is the largest political, cultural and industrial centre. It is one of the oldest Russian cities.

The official symbols of Russia are the flag and the national emblem. The Russian flag is sometimes called the IMPERIAL FLAG. It consists of three equal stripes of white, blue and red. The first flag of this design appeared more than 300 years ago. The Russian National Emblem is the golden DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE.


It is time to make a poster.Take a pictures or photos and make a poster



Russia is the ... country in the world.

The official name of our country is . .

The capital of Russia is.

The population of our country is over.

Russia a multinational country because . Nationalities live here.

is the longest river in Europe.

The deepest lake in the world is .

The official symbols of Russia are

The Head of our country is.

The Russian President is

Change your copy-book and check yourself.

T: Lets divide into three groups.

The first group must tell us aboutholidays in Russia

There are many national holidays in Russia such as New Year's Day, Women's Day, May Day, Victory Day, and Independence Day.

The first holiday of the year is New Year's Day.

The next holiday in our country is Christmas. It is celebrated on the 7th of January. It's a religious holiday and a lot of people go to church services on that day.

Non-official "Men's Day" is the 23d of February, it is a public holiday called "The Homeland Defenders Day". On the 8th of March we celebrate Women's Day when men are supposed to do everything about the house and cook all the meals. This is pretty nice at least once a year women can take a break and forget about all those dishes, cooking, kids, take a magazine and relax on a coach.

The 1st of May is the Day of Labour. During Soviet time there were huge demonstrations on this day, as everybody was obliged to show his loyalty to the state; now only communists organize meetings on this date.

The greatest national holiday in our country is Victory Day.

Independence Day is anew holiday in our country. On the 12th of June, 1992, the first President of Russia was elected.

The 1st of September is the Day of Knowledge it's the beginning of a school year. Children go to schools with flowers for teachers, there are meetings before the classes start.

The 12th of December the Constitution Day.The second group must tell us about famous people. Russia is rich in talented people.

Wecannamemanypoets and writers whoarewell-knownallovertheworld.InAmericaandAustralia,inEuropeandAsia,peoplereadnovels byAntonChekhov,LeoTolstoy,FeodorDostoevsky.YoucanseeplaysbyChekhovinNewYorkandParis,inLondonandDelhi.PeopleonmanydifferentcontinentslistentobeautifulmusicbyPeter TchaikovskyandMichaelGlinka.EverybodywhocomestoRussiasaysthatRussiansongs areverybeautiful.

Thoughpeopledon`tunderstandthewords,theycanlistentothesoundsandmelodiesofRussiansongsforhours. Russianpeoplehavemademanydiscoveriesindifferentfields ofscienceandindustry, medicine andculture.



WhenforeignguestsleaveRussiatheyusuallysaydifferentwordsaboutthe country.

Someofthemlikeit,othersdonot. But everybodysaysthatRussianpeoplearewonderful.

They areopen,kindandveryhospitable.

The third group must tell us about national food

The main dishes of the traditional menu are blini (pancakes) with honey or sour cream, different soups (like shchi,borshch and okroshka), pirozhki, pelmyeni (boiled pastry with meat filling) served with mustard, butter, vinegar or sour cream. Russian people eat brown bread with nearly every meal.

The greatest Russian love is tea. It's drunk without milk and is often served with homemade jam (varienye), baranki (circles of dry pastry) and pirozhki (baked pastry with some filling). Russian-style tea is a special ceremony when people sit around a table with a samovar (tea-urn) placed in the middle, and drink hot strong tea with a slice of lemon either from cups or from glasses in glassholders.

It is time to continue working with aposter.Take a pictures or photos and make a poster.

Thanks a lot. Our poster is ready. Who can tell us about Russia?



What have you known at our lesson?

P1: I have known that


T: Are you proud of your country? Do you love it?

P1: Yes, Im proud of Russia and I like it very much.

P2: I love my country and Im very proud of it, too.

At the next lesson we will speak about the capital and big cities. Each of you gets a good or an excellent mark. Now the lesson is over. You may be free.

hoose the right answer.

The official name of our homeland is a) Russia;b) the Russian Federation;c) the Republic of the Russian Federation.

The National Government of Russia consists of... a) the President and the Prime Minister;b) the President and the Council of Ministers;c) the President, the Council of Ministers and the Federal Assembly.

The population of Russia is about a) 148 000 000;b) 48000000;c) 548 000 000.

The Head of the Republic of the Russian Federation is a) the President;b) the Prime Minister; c) the Speaker of the State Duma.

Russia is a land of over... nationalities. a) 10; b) 100; c) 1000

1 1 January A Easter (Paskha)

2 7 January B Day of Spring and Labour3 February/March C Victory Day

4 23 February D Russian Independence Day

5 8 March I Day of Reconciliation and Harmony

6 March/April F Constitution Day

7 1 May G NewYears Day

8 9 May H Orthodox Christmas

9 12 June I Maslenitsa10 7 November J Country Defendants Day

11 12 December K Womens Day

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