«Фамилия и имя Класс Выбери понравившиеся тебе задания и выполни их. Всего их двенадцать! Если тебе захочется выполнить все задания, ...»

Фамилия и имя ____________________________________________ Класс______

Выбери понравившиеся тебе задания и выполни их. Всего их двенадцать! Если тебе захочется выполнить все задания, ты, возможно, станешь победителем. Но помни, что лучше сначала сделать самое лёгкое, чтобы набрать как можно больше баллов. Максимум – 60 баллов. Good Luck! №1

Mike’s Fridays

I’m Mike. I like Fridays. I get out of bed at seven o’clock and I have my breakfast at quarter past seven. I have bread and eggs for breakfast. Delicious! I love breakfast! I walk to school at eight o’clock. At school, I listen to my teacher and I read and I write. Lunch time is at half past twelve. I love lunch time! I eat lots of sandwiches, fruit and cake. My friends and I play outside. At half past one, we go to the classroom again. The teacher reads a story and we listen. At two o’clock, we play football or basketball. At three o’clock, my mum comes to school. We go to my grandmother’s farm. There are five new kittens at the farm. They are very soft and lovely. My grandmother makes a delicious tea. We all have tea at half past five. I love tea time on Fridays!

27051003261995 Прочти текст. Нарисуй на часах стрелки в соответствии с содержанием предложений (слева). [6 баллов]

Например: Mike gets out of bed.

a. Mike eats bread and eggs.

b. Mike walks to school.

c. Mike has lunch.

d. Mike’s teacher reads a story.

e. Mike plays football or basketball.

f. Mike eats at his grandmother’s farm. a. b. c.

d. e. f.


Дополни диалог словами из рамочки. [4 балла]

many in yours it are

Например: Nina: My birthday’s in June. When’s yours, Ben?

Ben: Oh, _______ is in July.

Nina: Mum, _______ there 30 days or 31 days _______ February?

Mum: Not 30 or 31.

Nina: How _______ days has February got?

Mum: 28 or 29.

Nina: Oh, yes.


Дополни предложения словами из рамочки. [6 баллов]

motorbike tram present balloons cake bike scissors

Например: The boy is ringing the bell on his bike.

a. Mum is making a _______________ to eat at my birthday party.

b. My brother can ride a _______________.c. I don’t like to blow up _______________.d. The woman has got _______________ and she is cutting my hair.

e. It’s my birthday. I’m opening a _______________.

f. The _____________ is going down the street with a lot of people in it.


Отметь галочкой правильные ответы. [6 баллов]

Например: What can you read? a pencil a book

a. What can you hear? a ruler a sheep

b. What can you taste? a lemon a fire

c. What can you sing? a song a radio

d. What can you write with? a rubber a pen

e. What can you touch? a rainbow a horse

f. What can you read? a story a pen


Напиши слова из рамочки рядом с определениями. Не нужно использовать все слова. [3 балла]

roar bang a stamp crash a butcher’s shop a crossroads

Например: You put this on a letter. a stamp

a. You do this to a drum. __________________

b. People buy meat here. __________________

c. Lions and bears do this. __________________


Выбери правильные слова и напиши их. [4 балла]

Например: Do you like (like/likes) playing basketball?

a. __________________ (Do/Does) Nina like noisy traffic?b. __________________ (Is/Are) they watching TV?

c. What __________________ (are/is) you doing?

d. Do __________________ (Dad/Dan and Ben) like playing football?


Впиши в слова буквосочетания ir, er или ou. [3 балла]

Например: h o u se wait __ __ b __ __ d cl __ __ d


The Amazon River

The Amazon River flows through Brazil and six other countries. The Amazon River is about 6,400 kilometres long. In the months of March, April and May, it rains a lot and the Amazon is 40 kilometres wide in some places! There are no bridges across the Amazon because it flows through a lot of forests, not many cities and towns. The largest city along the Amazon River is Manaus, in Brazil. More than 1.7 million people live there. Near the mouth of the Amazon, where it flows into the sea, large ships can take people and things up the river.

3,000 different kinds of fish live in the Amazon River. One kind is the piranha fish. They are dangerous. There are also dangerous snakes in the river. One is called an anaconda. This is the largest snake in the world. It can eat larger animals like goats.

Дополни предложения в соответствии с содержанием текста. [5 баллов]

Например: The Amazon River flows through seven countries.

a. Some parts of the Amazon River are 40km wide for three _____________________________ each year.

b. The Amazon River hasn’t got any _______________________ over it.

c. _______________________________________________ live in Manaus.

d. Large ships can sail near the _____________________ of the Amazon River.

e. Dangerous fish and _________________________ live in the Amazon River.


Подбери определения (a-d) к словам (1-4). Напиши буквы (a-d) после слов (1-4). [4 балла]

Например: People live on this on a river. – houseboats

a. These are narrow, shallow rivers.

b. These boats are small and slow.

c. Lots of people can cross rivers and seas in these boats. Some take cars, too.

d. These boats go very fast. Water-skiers use them. 1. ferry boats ____

2. streams____

3. rowing boats ____

4. speedboats ____


Дополни предложения словами из рамочки. [7 баллов]

bathroom apple carrot building pea bedroom banana grape

Например: A grape is a green or purple fruit.

a. A __________________ is an orange vegetable.

b. You sleep in your __________________.

c. You wash your face in the __________________.

d. A __________________ is a yellow fruit.

e. You can find an __________________ on a tree.

f. A __________________ is a green vegetable.

g. A tower is a tall __________________.


When my dad was little

When my dad was little, his house was on an island in the sea. His house was a lighthouse! All the rooms in the lighthouse were very small. His dad, my grandpa, worked in the lighthouse. At the top of the lighthouse was a huge light. Dad loved the lighthouse. His favourite room was the kitchen. His mother baked bread and cakes and Dad helped her. Now my dad has a restaurant. Of course, his restaurant is by the sea and our house is next to it. We can see Grandpa’s lighthouse from our garden.

Отметь предложения галочкой (верно) или крестиком (неверно) в соответствии с содержанием текста. [5 баллов]

Например: Dad’s house was in a city.

a. The lighthouse’s rooms were very big.

b. Dad worked in the lighthouse.

c. The kitchen was at the top of the lighthouse.

d. Dad helped his mum in the kitchen.

e. Dad’s restaurant and house are by the sea.

84074002953385 №12

Напиши 4 предложения об этом человеке. [7 баллов]

• Tim White

• waiter• restaurant• no work: Sundays, Mondays

• ‘I like my job’.

Например: This is Tim White.

a. He_________________________________________________________.

b. He_________________________________________________________.c. He_________________________________________________________.d. He_________________________________________________________.Сколько заданий тебе удалось выполнить? ___________________________

Понравилось ли тебе выполнять эти задания? ________________________


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