«Дата: 03.12.2015 Тема: Do you like TV? Практическая цель: развитие лексических умений; формирование навыков чтения и восприятия речи на слух; развитие речевых умений. ...»

Дата: 03.12.2015

Тема: Do you like TV?

Практическая цель: развитие лексических умений; формирование навыков чтения и восприятия речи на слух; развитие речевых умений.

Образовательная цель: выражение мыслей на английском языке; развитие коммуникативных навыков, умение распознавать виды программ и фильмов.

Развивающая цель: развитие памяти, внимания, воображения, расширение словарного запаса.

Воспитательная цель: способствование осознанию возможностей самореализации средствами иностранного языка; формирование интереса к изучаемой теме.

Задачи: развитие грамматических и коммуникативных навыков.

Оборудование: презентация, видео приложение, тексты для чтения “Frozen”, “Beethoven”, карточки с заданиями, стихотворение для физкультминутки.

Ход урока

I.Начало урока.1)Приветствие.

Teacher: “Good afternoon, dear spectators! Glad to see you in our studio of the game “Who is the best expert?”. And the topic of our game is “Do you like TV?”. The guests of the game are the reporters of two channels “Disney Channel” and “TV 1000”. Captains, tell us a few words about your team.”

Disney Channel.Our channel is very interesting and exciting. We show Disney cartoons and films. Walt Disney was the first man who made cartoons with sounds. We also show amusing programmes, quiz shows. Our channel is full of cartoons (we often say – the golden collection of Disney). For example: “Snow White”. It was the first long cartoon. And we show modern cartoons, I mean computer cartoons. Join us. We`ll give you a lot of fun. And the members of my team are Angelina, Yualetta, Ilona and Dasha.

TV 1000.Our channel is extremely exciting. We show not only Disney films or cartoons. You can watch the films of other productions. For example: Dream Work, Universal, Columbia Pictures and others. People of different ages watch our channel. TV 1000 is good for family. Parents and children get together and have a lot of fun, watching films or cartoons on our channel. So, join us. And the members of my team are Nastya, Karina, Yana and Anna.

2)Сообщение задач урока.

Teacher: “Thank you very much. I agree with you. People have a lot of fun thanks to your channels. And today you`ll compete with each other. You`ll do different exercises. You must know, 1 right answer is 1 point. So, your task is to give more right answers to get more points if you want to win. I wish you good luck. So, let`s start.”

II.Центральная часть.1)Развитие лексических умений.

Teacher: “The first round is to guess a word. Read definitions to each other. So, choose any card and read. “

A documentary – a film or TV programme that shows information about a particular subject.A quiz show – a game in which people have to answer the questions.A cartoon – a short film that is made of drawings.A music programme – a programme about singers, actors, different kinds of music.A nature programme – a programme about animals and birds.A sitcom – a funny TV progamme in which the same character appears in different situations each week.A fairy tale – a children`s story in which magic things happen.

A fantasy – a film that is based on imaginations.A romantic film – a film which involves a love story.A comedy – an amusing story that makes people laugh.2)Восприятие речи на слух.

Teacher: “The second round is to guess a film. Each team prepared a trailer. We`ll start with the team “TV 1000”. This team prepared a trailer for the team “Disney Channel”. Dear reporters, watch the video and be ready to answer the questions. Then the team “TV 1000” will watch the video and answer the questions.”

a)The Little Mermaid.

What is the name of the mermaid?

What did she want to be?

Why did she want to become human being?

What did she give to become human?

Who helped Ariel during her adventures?

b)Home Alone.

Who is the main character?

Did Kevin`s family leave him alone? Why?

What did Kevin do at home?

Who wanted to burgle Kevin`s house?

Did Kevin defend his house? How?

3)Проведение физкультминутки для глаз.

Teacher: “Well, guys. My eyes are tired. I want them to relax. Who will help me? I can`t continue our competition. Kolya, will you help? Thank you. Listen to Kolya and do everything that he`ll tell you.”

Look left, look right, look up, look down,

Look around, look at your nose.

Close your eyes. Open, winkle and smile.

Your eyes are happy again.

Teacher: “Thank you, Kolya. My eyes are happy now. Let`s continue our game.”

4)Формирование навыков чтения.

Teacher: “The third round is to read a text. The teams will read the texts to each other and fill in the table. Look at the tables: title, type, plot, characters and recommendation. Listen to each other attentively and make the notes. We`ll start with the team “Disney Channel”.Frozen

“Frozen” is a cartoon. It is a story about two princesses, Elsa and Anna. They were sisters. Elsa was an elder sister. She had a magical power. She could make ice and snow. One day she couldn`t control her temper. She didn`t want to make harm for her sister and ran away. Anna decided to find Elsa. She met new friends: Christophe, Swan and Olaf. The girl had great adventures. “Frozen” is very interesting and exciting. It makes you laugh. It`s a great cartoon for the whole family.


“Beethoven” is a family comedy. It is a story about the Newtons family. There are five people in the family: dad – George, mum – Alice, an elder sister – Rice, son – Ted and the youngest daughter – Emily. They have a pet – a dog Beethoven. It`s a very clever and kind dog. Beethoven loves the Newtons. Children can`t imagine their life without this dog. Beethoven and the Newtons have a lot of adventures, which are very exciting and amusing. This film makes you laugh. The comedy is funny and interesting. It is good for the whole family.

5)Проведение физкультминутки.

Teacher: “Show me that you watch comedies. Watch detective films. Watch the news. Watch romantic films. Watch fantasy. Watch action films. Watch music programmes.”

6)Развитие речевых умений.

Teacher: “Look at the board. You see pictures: photos of different films, cartoons, programmes. Write a TV guide for one day. You are given the tables, fill in them. Write time, the title of the programme and the description of it.”

III.Заключительный этап.1)Подведение итогов.

Teacher: “You were active and attentive. I see that you are good TV experts. And I want to give you presents: notebooks and pens. Make interesting reports and give us a lot of fun.”

2)Выставление оценок.

3)Объяснение домашнего задания.

Ex.3 – p.104

Teacher: “The lesson is over. Goodbye.”

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