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BRAIN-RING (10-11 forms)

DO YOU KNOW ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES?Words of the quiz-master: Good morning, everybody! We are very happy to see you at our competition. It is devoted to the English- speaking countries. I'm sure you've read a lot of books and got useful information about the countries. This competition will show your achievements and your knowledge of the matter. I wish you success, be active, honest, industrious and helpful and you'll be sure to win.

Visual aids: A slogan on the board: "Learn English and you'll be lucky!"

Introduction of the teams and captains

Introduce your team, please! ( : Our team is called....)

And now meet the second team! ( : Our team is called...)

And now I would like to introduce our jury. They will be the referees and keep the score. ( .)Words of the quiz-master: Now it's time to introduce yourselves. I want the captains to come over and choose the emblems and the names of the teams.

Visual aids: Emblems of the teams with the names.

The 1st game

"Do you know English-speaking countries?"

Visual aids: A geographical map of the world on the blackboard.

What is the nickname of this flag? (Union Jack)

What is the symbol of Scotland? (A thistle)

What country does this flag belong to? (Wales)

Who is the symbol of the typical Englishman? (John Bull)

On the coat-of-arms of the UK you can see a lion and a unicorn. Which countries do they symbolize? (England and Scotland)

What river does London stand on? (The Thames)

What is the most famous lake in Scotland? (Loch Ness)

What is the name of high London buses? (Double-deckers)

What colour are London Taxies? (Black)

Whats the nickname of Londons the Underground? (The Tube)

These are the symbols of a spring holiday. Which one? (Easter)

What is Jack-o-lantern made out of? (A pumpkin)

A cat in the bag. This famous English scientist discovered laws of electricity? (Michael Faraday)

It was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror as a fortress and a royal palace. (The Tower of London)

This is a royal church. This is where the coronation takes place. (Westminster Abbey)

The 2nd game

"Countries, flags, blazons and capitals"

2 pupils from each team. (0.5 points for the right answer).

Words of the quiz-master: The next competition is called "Countries, flags, blazons and capitals". I want you to look at the blackboard. You see many different flags. The each team must glue cards with the flags, blazons and capitals. The winners will be those who finish their work first. Here are two envelopes with cards. Will you take your envelope, please!

Visual aids: Flags (8). Cards (8) countries. Cards (8) capitals.12345678abcdefgh

The 3rd game

"Draw a story"

Words of the quiz-master: Dear friends! Now we'll see whose team is the best.

A little spider

A little spider live in a big forest. He was very little and very lonely. He didnt have any friends and was very sad. One sunny day when he was laying in the sun he heard buzzing and saw a small fly who become involved in spiders web. The little spider helped her and they became friends.

I give you 6 minutes.

The 4th game

Words of the quiz-master: The next task. You should find the translation of the proverbs.

A bad beginning makes a bad ending. . .

A bad corn promise is better than a good lawsuit. .A bad workman quarrels with his tools. . .

A bargain is a bargain. . .

A beggar can never be bankrupt. : . .

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. . , . . , .

A bird may be known by its song. ). . .

A black hen lays a white egg. . . , .

A blind leader of the blind. . , . .

A blind man would be glad to see. , .

A broken friendship may be soldered, but will never be sound. ), . . .

A burden of one's own choice is not felt. .A burnt child dreads the fire. , .

A cat in gloves catches no mice. . , .

A city that parleys is half gotten. .

The 5th game

Words of the quiz-master: The next task. It is you hometask. Each team has a story about some sight, so another team has to guess what is it?

Team 1

Buckingham Palace is the London home and primary residence of the British monarch. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. These include 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. Buckingham Palace is the Queens official London residence and is used to receive and entertain guests on state, ceremonial and official occasions for the Royal Family. The Palace is located between The Green Park, Hyde Park and St. James's Park. Buckingham Palace's 19 state rooms, ballroom and gardens are open to visitors during August and September.

Team 2

The Tower of London An ancient fortress in London. Now its a museum of armour and also the place where Crown Jewels are kept. It comprises not one, but 20 towers. The oldest of which, the White Tower. Many stories associated with British history come from the Tower. In 1483 King Edward IV's two sons were murdered in the so-called Bloody Tower. Of course, no visit to the Tower would be complete without seeing the ravens; huge black birds. Legend states that if the ravens were to leave the Tower the Crown will fall, and Britain with it. Under the special care of the Raven Master, the ravens are fed a daily diet of raw meat. And there is no danger of them flying away, because their wings are clipped.

The 6th game

Words of the quiz-master: The next task. The task for fans. Riddles

1.A lot of spots.

A long, long neck

A funny scarf.It s a GIRAFFE.

2. Green and long With many teeth. Beautiful smile - It`s A CROCODILE. 3.A very long nose. It grows and grows. is huge and likes fun. It is AN ELEPHANT. 4. So colorful and bright, Is fond of talking much. Likes eating carrot It is A PARROT.

5.I am a bigfarm animal.I can be black, whiteor brown.I like to eat green grass.I give milk.I can say Moo, moo.I am . (COW)

The 7th game

Words of the quiz-master: The speed contest.

Summarizing. T. our brain-ring has come to the end and were thankful to our teams and participants. Wishing you all the best we say good-bye to you.


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