«Локтева Е.С., учитель английского языка кадетской школы-интерната г.Тамбова Цели урока: активизация изученной лексики в неподготовленной речи; развитие коммуникативных навыков обучающихся, ...»

Локтева Е.С.,

учитель английского языка

кадетской школы-интерната г.Тамбова

Цели урока: активизация изученной лексики в неподготовленной речи; развитие коммуникативных навыков обучающихся, а также развитие их креативного мышления.

Оборудование урока:



Плакаты с заданиями



Раздаточный материал с заданиями


Ход урока

1. Good morning, dear guests!

Good morning, children! How are you?

2. Введение в тему. T: What date is it today?

P: It’s the 27th of November.

N: And what day of the week is it today?

P: It’s Thursday.

N: Ok. The 27th of November, Thursday. It’s a special day for all American people. They celebrate one of their national holidays on this day. Look at the blackboard and say what holiday it is.

P: It’s Thanksgiving Day.

T: Good. Plump pumpkins, grand parades, the aroma of turkey and trimmings (приправа) – these all announce the harvest holiday we call Thanksgiving. This important historical holiday is a time for family gatherings, for sharing, and for giving thanks.

T: By the end of the lesson you should give me the answers to the following questions:

What time is Thanksgiving? (Time to give thanks.)

Why are turkey and variety of vegetables served? (Because the Pilgrims and the Indians ate them at their first feast.)

Why did the Pilgrims manage to survive? (Because the Indians helped them.)

Why did the Pilgrims leave England and cross the ocean? (They wanted to have a better life and for religious freedom.)

When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

The aim of our lesson is not only to learn some interesting facts about Thanksgiving but also to amuse ourselves by taking part in a competition.

So, the students who are sitting on my left is the first team. You are (дети хором) “The... “, and those who are sitting on my right are “The... “. Your aim is to get more points (to get more turkeys). Every Turkey is a point.

T: Have a look at the screen. (Демонстрируется небольшой отрывок из учеб. фильма о США – за столами сидят первые поселенцы). Who are these people? (St: the Pilgrims)

T: Yes, the Pilgrims – people who started the history of the USA, people who started celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

3. Reading.

T: To know how it all began, let’s read the text and do the task. (Text: “Thanksgiving”). (Задание на отдельных листочках)

4. Listening. We’ll continue our competition with the listening to the text about Traditions and Customs. You must listen to it very attentively and answer the questions using the new words. Here are the questions: (на доске записаны вопросы к тексту):

When does Thanksgiving Day come?

Who celebrates this Day? (People of all faiths).

Why do they celebrate Thanksgiving Day? (to give thanks).

Is Thanksgiving Day a family holiday?

Why do people come together? (to have the traditional feast).

What is the traditional meal for the feast?

What do they drink?

What does the Macy’s department store hold (has)? (Its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City).

Who and what appears in the parade? (Celebrities, floats, bands and balloons, Santa Claus).

How do people decorate their homes, shops, classrooms?

What do charitable organizations do? (Serve (give) dinners to needy people, send food to elderly people).

T: On the tape you will hear some new words. Do the matching to understand their meaning.

faiths [fes] – religions;feast – a banquet, dinner;stuffing – food inside meat;squash [skw ] – fruit drink;annual [njul] – every year;celebrities [slebrtz] – famous people;bands – groups of musicians;wreaths [ri:z] – a circular arrangement of flowers;elderly [eldl] – old people;observance [bz:vns] – the celebration of a holiday.

T: Now, please, listen to the text. Be very attentive!

(Читается текст, задаются вопросы. Команды отвечают на вопросы по очереди).T: Speaking: Give me a brief summery of the text, using the new words. These questions are the plan for your retelling.The Pilgrims will start and The Indians will continue. You are welcome.

(Now take these sheets of paper with the new words, write them down in your vocabularies and learn them.)

5. Лексико-грамматические задания.

T: Would you like to know some interesting facts about the first Thanksgiving? Then try and guess!

Now I need 2 pupils, one from each team, to decode this message. Come here, please. Sit down at these desks and work. Who finishes the first, raise your hand.

6. T: Well, on the table find task 6. You can see the sentences with the blanks. Complete them using the words from the list. (Музыка) (ответы) Let’s have a look if you are right. Who will read first? (Можно использовать жребий).


elderlystuffingwreathsannualfeastfaithsGood for you. Here is your turkey!


(1) customs

(2) costumes

(3) money

(4) services

(5) dinner

(6) raffles

(7) water

(8) sauce

(9) famous

(10) season

(11) relax

7. T: Please, teams, attention here! You can see this cornucopia (=horn of plenty). Read the words on it and fill in the blanks with the words from the cornucopia. The first, who does this task, raise your hands. (Дети выполняют, Твключает музыку). Ответы (cм. выше).

К гостям: Would you like to have a look at it?

The … are the first. Please, read your sentences. You are the winners in this round (stage).

8. T: Your next task will be: to compose an acrostic poem using the words on the topics “Thanksgiving” and “Holidays”.

Both teams come here, form a line (group in a line), the captains are the first.

The winner is ….

9. T: Have a look. I’ve got a message from an American girl Emilly, in which she tells about Thanksgiving dinner in her family. But there was something wrong with my computer and there are 13 mistakes in this script. Find the mistakes and correct them. You have 3 minutes.

T: Look at the screen again. You will hear Emilly tell about Thanksgiving dinner. See if you corrected all the mistakes.

10. And now the last game “The Lost Feast”.

I need 2 pupils to take part in this round (stage). Take your pencils with you! Help the Pilgrim find the Thanksgiving Feast by drawing a line from him through Thanksgiving words. (Wait for a signal).

Good for you. Good job. Well done.

11. Закрепление нового материала. Now, it’s time to finish our competition. As you remember, at the beginning of our lesson I asked you to give answers to these questions. Can you? (Дети отвечают на вопросы). Good.

12. Hometask: Look at this funny turkey with Pumpkin pie. There are Thanksgiving words on the pie. Please, write a story about celebrating Th. Day using as many words as you can.

3. Подведение итогов.

T: Let’s score the points.

“The Indians” have … points.

“The Pilgrims” have … points.

(… have more points. (equal number of points. Our competition ended in a draw (drew five all). Зак. вничью со счетом 5:5.

The score is 5:3. “The … lost two points (проиграли 2 очка). и т.д.

“The … ” don’t be upset. Next time you’ll have success, and be luck! Both teams were quite good, careful, active, enthusiastic and resourceful (находчивые). Let me give both teams these small presents to remember our lesson. (Специально выполненные фотоизображения индейки). And this is the main prize of our Thanksgiving competition –А pumpkin pie. My congratulations! I’m pleased with your work. Your marks are....

14. Now stand up. Come here. (Song “Happy Thanksgiving”) (Девочка и мальчик преподносят пирог гостям).

15. Все: Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for everything. Taste yourselves!

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