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Lesson:To be or not to be a vegetarian?

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Hello, children! I am glad to see you! Today we are going to devote our lesson to listening, reading and speaking about healthy food. What food should we choose to eat to be healthy? Is meat healthy or unhealthy food?

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What word is it? Guess a word by its definition.

1).The cruel killing of many animals -slaughter.

2).Chickens and other farm birds. - Poultry

3).Food like wheat and corn - cereal

4).To care animals in order to use them for food. - Rear

5). Terrible - shameful

6).Gathering crops on a farm. - Harvest

7).To change - adjust

8).Animals which are kept on a farm.-livestock

9).Dying because of lack of food. Starvation

3. .

1).Read the tittle and guess what the text is about. (1).

2).Read the advertisement. Find the words in the text and check their meanings. (6).

Livestock farming isnt just killing animals

Meat is not cheap.

Apart from costing the lives of countless millions of animals each year, its production is also causing starvation for millions of people all over the world.

How can production of food result in people going hungry? It is because over half the worlds cereal harvest is fed to livestock being reared for slaughter, and not to men, women and children.

And it takes a full 3Ibs of that grain to produce just 1 lb. of poultry. Or 10 Ibis of grain to yield a mere 1Ib of intensively reared beef.

Its a shameful waste of resources.

One thing that you can help to correct is rejecting meat from your diet.

Because the more people who go vegetarian, the more agricultural will be force to adjust its methods of operation reduce its production, as demand for meat goes down.

3).Answer these questions about the text.(6).

1. Why does producing meat cause starvation?

2. How can the reader help to solve the problem?

3. How will the meat industry react if more people stop eating meat?

4). Work with a partner. Discuss your reactions to the advertisement. Do you find its arguments for not eating meat persuasive? (5).

5).Choose three of your favorite food items from each group. When do you eat them- at breakfast, lunch or dinner? Compare your answers with a partner. (3).

Use the words in the box putting them under the following headings:

Meat vegetables fruit

Cabbage /veal/ pea/ bean/ cherry/ mutton/ plum /apricot/ pear/ grape/ tangerine /raisin /beef/ watermelon/ steak/ ham /onion/ carrot/ cauliflower/ peach/ pumpkin/ corvette/ pork/chiken/tomato/beef/potato/apple/corn/orange.

1. O .(5 ).

How do we call the people who do not eat meat at all? Of course, they are vegetarians. Listen to the text about a vegetarian and the reasons for being a vegetarian. While listening, fill in the gaps.


A vegetarian is someone who______ eating meat. The word vegetarian comes from the Latin word vegetus______ whole, fresh, full of life. According to the text, people ________ to be vegetarians for six reasons. Here they are:

1. Its_________ t kill animals for food.

2. A vegetarian diet is ________ than a diet that includes meat.

3. A vegetarian diet is ________than a diet includes meat.

4. people are vegetarian because of their _______beliefs.

5. Some people have _____________to be vegetarian ecological reasons.

6. its easy to grow vegetables than to raise vegetable-eating animals to_______food for all the people.

Keys: 1).avoids 4).wrong 7). religious 2).meaning 5). healthier 8). Chosen

3).choose 6).cheaper 9).provide

2. .

Read the model answer to the magazine. Choose from the following sentences the one which best fits each gap. (10 )

A. So there is no easy answer to the question.

B. After Mad Cow Disease, who has not been tempted to stop eating meat?

C. On the other hand, there are arguments for eating meat.

D. Firstly, there is a lot of evidence now that meat is bad for you.

Meat: to eat or not to eat?

1).______However, there is no easy answer to the question. Some people say meat is bad for us, others claim meat is essential for our health.So where does the truth lie?

2)._______Experts say red meat, such as veal, can be harmful: if you eat a lot of it, you may develop heart problems. White meat, such as pork or chicken, is not as bad, according to the experts. Furthermore, it is argued by anti- meat-groups that if more people switched to a vegetarian diet, there would be less starvation in the world.

3).________In case of children, doctors agree that they need a balanced diet to help them grow. Meat provides a range of proteins and vitamins that are essential for a healthy body. Finally, although I personally dont eat meat very often, many people think it is the most enjoyable and satisfying type of food there is.

4)._________perhaps a reasonable compromise would be to say, Yes, eat meat but dont overdo it!

Keys: (1). D 2) B 3).C. 4).C ).


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Very much Good Not bad bad

Was the lesson interesting?

Did you learn any new things?

Are they useful for you?

Estimate your work in the lesson.

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3. : Write your answer to the question: Meat: to eat or not to eat? Write between 120 and180 words.


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